PTE Success Highlight: "Candidates Ahead in 2020 PR Race"

Author : Ribat Zaman | April 9, 2020, 12:52 a.m.


DOHA Invitation Round on 13 March 2020:
Total Invites of 189 Subclass= 1750 (75% increase from previous round of 11 February 2020, 100% increase from round of 10 January)*

No English Language Exam In April 2020 In Australia
This means people who have scored 79+ (IELTS 8) in the month of March or before, they are having no competition for more than a month’s time in their PR race. Students who were reluctant to take PTE or taking longer time to prepare and missed the exams, are now way behind than their counterparts.

In this post, we have shared some of our recent 79 in PTE achievers. PTE Study Centre congratulates them and hopes these successes inspire future test takers to score their PTE score FAST in 2020 and stay ahead of the PR race before DOHA limits their invitation numbers.

189 Occupation Summary: (Occupation, Minimum points, Date of effect)
Accounting: Accountants, 95, 19/06/2019; Auditors, 95, 31/01/2019
Engineering: Electronics Engineer, 90, 29/01/2020; Ind. Mech. Production; Engineers, 90, 18/11/2019; Other Eng Professionals, 90, 08/12/2019
IT: ICT Bus & Sys Analyst, 90, 07/01/2020; Software and Applications Programmers, 90, 29/01/2020; Computer Network Professionals, 90, 29/01/2020

The minimum points acquired by the above listed invitees are unlikely to have been made possible without English proficiency test with scores of PTE 79 or (IELTS 8).

With the PR race being as competitive as it is, scoring well in your PTE will give you a significant advantage. PTE study center is the pioneer of PTE-oriented training centre in Australia. We have expert trainers with years of experience who will provide you guidelines specifically developed for the PTE exam. We also have our own Automated Exam Portal that ensures the most accurate PTE mock experience. Our invigilation and Instant Writing Checking formula provides automated scoring and feedback, which means we are able to provide personalized mentoring.

As the pioneer of PTE Coaching in Australia, PTE Study Centre focuses on saving time and energy while gaining high scores by providing the entire items they require. In this current stressful situation of COVID-19, Online Coaching of PTE Study Centre has been proven the most efficient and effective for students seeking PTE help online.

PTE Study Centre Online
There are many reasons why online lessons from industry professionals are a preferred choice. The first and foremost reason is that they are well experienced, thereby, specialized in their own sectors. They are aware of the fact that it is an online system which means students from different regions will be seeking help. For this, very strategic and variety of knowledge is required so that the coaches can connect to the students at any level. This is not very common among the local centers. This is why they don’t try different approaches and methods since they know most of the students that go there come from a particular place that they know of. What they tend to forget is there still might be students to whom these methods are not adequate. Practice without research cannot provide proper understanding of a problem.


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